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  • Fun Facts About Siamese Cats

    April 6th is National Siamese Cat Day! Known for being charismatic and talkative, these cute cats have some very loyal fans. A vet lists some fun facts about these remarkable felines below. What’s In A Name? The name Siamese cat translates to wichien-matt which means “moon … Read More »

  • COVID-19 Updates

    March 23, 2020 During this time we are trying to limit staff and exposure as much as we can. Until further notice, we are going to be closed on Saturdays starting this weekend (3/28). Also grooming and bathing services will be canceled too. Thank you all … Read More »

  • Does Your Cat Have a Cold?

    Did you know that our feline friends can get their own version of colds or flus? In many cases, cats just feel a bit stuffy and tired for a few days, and then recover on their own. However, kitty colds can develop into upper respiratory infections, … Read More »